Thursday, June 25, 2009

Most Exciting Project!

I have been in a creative slump lately. It happens to everyone, and I am no exception! I have a huge mess of a scrapbooking space that I am just not ready to deal with, and I just haven't been motivated or inspired! But today I wanted to just rules, no "layouts" or mini albums (or Techneeks!) or anything too complicated or requiring too many supplies.

I have been wanting to send some fun mail lately, so I thought I would take this opportunity to stretch my creative muscles and send one of my bestest friends a little "like-letter."

So I pulled out the crayons, and a repurposed envelope and got to work!

Here's the finished envelope...

Make sure you have enough postage for the size and weight of your package and that the address is BIG and BOLD and stands out from the fancy stuff around it! I drew a big square around where I wanted to write the address before I started drawing. That way I could leave the space blank thereby making the address easier to read. You can write the address on a separate sheet of white paper and attach after you decorate your envelope.

Keep in mind:
- I don't have a lot of other writing on my envelope...I figure that would distract from the important stuff like the addresses

- There is nothing 3D on my envelope...what's the point because it would probably come off in the mail! You could use stickers or rub ons, but I wouldn't stick any rhinestones or flowers on the envelope, unless you don't mind if they show up a little worse for wear on the other end!

- You don't have to be a great drawing expert to have fun with this project...pull out some magazines that your friend might like and make a collage with some neat images. Or have your kids draw a goofy picture to send to an aunt or grandma that lives out of town...or even in town!

- If you have older kids, maybe think about sending some fun mail to them. Include some nice words about how awesome they are, or a funny joke, or a page from their favourite colouring book. this would be especially awesome to receive on their birthday!

- Include something fun, but inexpensive inside your envelope. I went "thrifting" the other day and found a cool item I thought my friend might like. I probably spent $2 at the most! Maybe write a nice letter, a list of your favourite songs they should check out, or include some recent photos of a fun day. This way your friend won't feel obligated to run out and buy you an expensive gift to return the favour.

- PAY IT FORWARD...if you get something fun in the mail, don't be afraid to send a simple thank you note back, and then create your own fun mail to send in a different direction.

And here is a picture of me mailing it this morning! This was a super fun little project that didn't take a lot of time, but was well worth the effort! I enjoyed myself so much, getting in touch with my inner child, and I know my friend will love opening her fun little package when it gets to her in a couple of days. Oh, and I have no idea what "" did to my picture...!?!?!?

I have blurred the name and address of the person getting my mail to protect her identity and also because I want it to be a surprise! Tee Hee!

later skater alligator

P.S. I know I'm breaking my own rules with a post on a Thursday (it is thursday right?), but here it is anyways!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Change Up

There are going to be some changes happening to this Blog in the next little bit. There won't be any Project posts on Saturdays. And I'm moving my Techneek post date from Thursday to Friday...that's when they seem to be getting done anyways! With summer coming I know I like to spend more time outside, as I'm sure you do as well, and scrapbooking gets put on the back burner for a little bit!

Also, for those of you who follow my Classes Blog, I don't have any classes planned for the summer, but I know Trisha Ladoceur is teaching at the store again this month. You'll have to check the main TM blog for more details.

At the end of the month, watch for a BIG CHANGE to our online presence! And then we're off to CHA (not me personally...dang it!) and you can start watching for all the great new stuff to add to the Techneeks.

I'm also planning some "Guest Techneeks" where I hope to get some other members of our Design Team to share their tips and tricks with you!

As always, if you have any comments, questions or suggestions please leave a comment or email me! I love hearing from you!


Friday, June 12, 2009

TOTW - Image Etching

This week I am going to show you how to create a special background...using some sandpaper. Remember when you use to do rubbings of leaves when you were a kid? This is a similar idea, except using sandpaper to scrape away the face of the paper to leave a rough, etched image.

You will need:
- sandpaper, sanding block, file, etc.
- white core paper
- a chipboard or metal shape, basically something that is 3D that will create a nice etching

Step One: Grab your sanding tool and your shape. Put the shape underneath the paper, making sure you leave the side you side you want the pattern to show on, on the top.

Step Two: Start sanding over your image. You will need to hold down the paper so it doesn't move around and mess up your etching.

Remember that some shapes will show more detail than others. I just wanted the outline to show, so I wasn't too worried about the holes in the centre of my chipboard shape. Keep that in mind when you pick a shape to rub...and maybe do a test before you do it right on your layout!

I repeated the same steps a number of times up the side of my layout, just placing the chipboard shape randomly behind my paper and sanding again. Some of my etched shapes are sanded more than others, but I like the look.

TWO FOR ONE!! This is your bonus Techneek for this week! A Techneek within a Techneek post...wowee wow wow!!

Grab a sheet of paper and a pen. Now fold that paper in half and start drawing!

I drew a simple star/flower shape that sort of resembles the chipboard shape I used for my etching.

This is a rough doodle and doesn't have to be perfect. BUT I know there are perfectionists among you, so you can trace another shape, or use a pencil and keep erasing it until you get it just right!

Once you've got your shape drawn, cut it out. Because I only drew the shape on one side of the paper, once I cut it out and unfold it I have a full shape!


You can doodle around the edge or leave it plain. I like extra doodles, so I added some simple lines around the edges.

This kind of embellishment is great because you can make it any size, colour, pattern, and shape to go along with the theme of your layout.

The finished layout!

Those keeners among you might notice that I used leftovers from last week's Techneek. Shazzam!

You could also try:
- After you sand down your shape, try spraying Glimmer Mist over top. It will colour the white pieces and add a little extra interest to the rest of the background.
- Rubbing over the shape with a crayon or pencil crayon.
- Once you're done etching, add your shape to your layout.
Happy Creating!!

Friday, June 5, 2009

TOTW - Transparent Layouts

Oh My Gosh...I actually have a layout for you guys! And it's only a day late! (Instead of a week late! HA!) I stopped by TM this afternoon, went through my list of potential TOTW and got to work! So I have two layouts (one double, really) to share with you tonight.

I have always loved Hambly, and really, anything transparent. It's so versatile, and all around amazing! I have shown you how to embellish with transparencies, but tonight I am going to show you how to build your layout on to a transparency! Say what????

You will need:
- Transparency...Hambly is the original, but so many more companies are creating beautiful transparent papers eg. Little Yellow Bicycle, etc. -- okay, so I can't think of any right now, but i know they're out there!

- Some kind of glue dot, or liquid glue, or glue tape that is CLEAR so you won't totally see it if you glue a transparency on to a transparency

- Other fun stuff to stick on your page

- An adventurous spirit!

Step One: Yeah...there aren't really going to be any "steps" tonight! I just sort of "winged it" and made some layouts. I will show you a cool thing to try with embellishing a transparency with another transparency. Mostly I just think you should try it out, expand your horizons and what not!

Also, my pictures are kind of lame, so bear with has been a long week!

The only real "techneek" in this post, is this guy. I really love the Hambly frame transparency. Basically, it's just a bunch of fancy frames on one sheet. I wanted to use this as my background, but I also wanted to add some more colour.

So...I took my Hambly red bicycles transparency and...

Put it on top of my Frames, traced around the frame I wanted to highlight (using an American Crafts Slick Writer so it wouldn't smudge on me) and...

Cut out the shape on the Bicycle paper so it fit perfectly inside the frame! Wowee wow wow!

And the finished layouts...

I love love love how this looks! It is simple and yet also so fabulous! And I left a little spot for journaling...I'm using some simple lined paper, cut in the same shape/size as my little pictures.

A little doodle goes a long way...Lucas had his last school field trip of the year at Safety City, hence the city skyline. And remember my tip regarding doodling: when in doubt copy. This cityscape is similar to the Riff Raff Designs chipboard. It was handy, and my brain wasn't, so I scraplifted the basic shape!

The ribbon and lace really adds some much-needed dimension to my layout, plus the colours are so bright and awesome!

I cut out a frame from the teal Hambly transparency sheet to set off my "fun" die cut. NOt only does it tie in with the colours, it also keeps with my transparency theme.

I hope you enjoyed this week's lame excuse for a Techneek! I hope to have a project for you tomorrow, but it's going to be a busy day at work...we are getting our photo taken for an upcoming issue of Canadian Scrapbooker!!! HAZAA!

Happy Creating!

Products Used:
- Hambly transparencies (red bicycles and teal frames)
- My Mind's Eye die cuts (words: "laugh" and "fun")
- Ribbon: Fancy Pants & Webster Pages
- oSticker letters: Webster Pages
- 7 Gypsies word stickers
- Assorted rhinestones`