Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Where have I been?

I know I promised to be back sooner with the second layout...but time snowballed away from me, and all of a sudden the weekend was over and now it's Wednesday!

For this layout I am using the text paper from the Jenni Bowlin embossed paper line. This sheet is black with a beige core.

I first laid out the papers and embellishments I wanted to use on my layout, so I would have an idea where I wanted to sand the paper. I took a picture of this so I could go back and check it out while I was sanding! It doesn't have to be exact, but it will give you a better idea where things will be when you're done.

I started by sanding all of the edges. Then I sanded bits of the rest of the paper. I wanted most of the focus to stay on the right side of the layout, so I left most of the left side untouched.
Here's a close up of how it looks. I really love the text!

The almost-finished layout...I need to print a photo, this one is just a stand in! The black background really allows the photo and embellishments stand out, but without being a boring has some interest as well!
You could also try:
- sanding certain words that accent the theme of your layout (for example, you can see near the bottom I gave extra attention to the phrase "you must remember")
- sand the entire page, but leave some areas lighter than others
- use bits of the paper as an embellishment...this would be especially neat if you covered a chipboard piece with it!

I hope you enjoyed layout #2 in this Technique. This week I want to finally tackle the 10 Second Studios wish me luck and meet me back here on Friday!

later skater alligator

Friday, January 15, 2010

Jenni Bowlin & Embossed Papers

For the Technique this week, I yoinked a couple of pieces of paper from K.C's new Jenni Bowlin paper pack! It is an excellent little pack of paper, I tell you what!

This is patterned, embossed paper, that has a different colour core than the surface colour. It is so wonderful! And it comes in some of her best patterns. Here is a link for some more pictures: "link".

You will need:
- embossed paper
- sandpaper

I apologize now for all the sideways pictures. It's just not my day!

This is what the (ivory) paper looks to start. You can only sort of see the embossed image on the paper. I'm going to show you this technique on two different sheets of the paper, because the ivory does not photograph well, at all! Check back later for the second layout.

You'll want to take a small piece of sand paper, or a sanding block or file to the embossed areas. Remember that the core of the paper is a different colour (in this case, lighter ivory...sigh) so you will start to see the different colour underneath. Keep sanding until you are satisfied with the colour coming through.

And this is the ivory paper after it has been sanded. Kind of looks the same doesn't it? That's why I'm going to show this on another sheet of paper. Be patient!

And here is my (first) finished layout. I used some other Jenni Bowlin paper and embellishments to finish off this layout about my sister and her hubby.
The ivory/light ivory paper has a very very subtle effect (very...subtle), so you might want to try inking it, if you want the pattern to show through more. You could try a fancy colour to brighten things up. I actually kind of like the subtle edging on this layout now that I'm looking at it!

Check back later tonight, when I hope to have the next layout up for you. After my fingers warm up, and hopefully Blogger stops acting up!

later skater alligator

Friday, January 8, 2010

Miss Me?

I missed you!

I hope everyone had an amazing holiday break and are now ready to get back to work!! HA!

I have been thinking a lot about what I want for myself in this new year, and I have a lot of creative of them being keeping up with my Techniques Blog! So I have spent the last week brainstorming away all the new and fabulous things I can pass along to you!

I am going to start simple this week. Using something all of us have loads and loads of sitting in our stash. In fact, I may have done this technique before - or something similar - because it is just so darn great.

You will need:
- a pencil
- a whole bunch of brads, any shape or size, all coordinated with your layout
- a paper piercer, hole punch, scissors, etc. to make a hole for your brad

Step One: Draw a line on your page where you want your line of brads to go. You might want to lay out your layout before you do this, so you know where you want the brads to go. And we use the pencil because we can erase it if we don't like our first try! Or our third, or fourth...
Step Two: Choose some brads from your stash that will go well with your layout, and start laying them out on your line so you get an idea of size and colour placement. Again, this isn't the final step, so feel free to play around with placement until you get something you like. You can change your mind right up until you punch the hole!
Step Three: Start on one end of your line, and punch a hole for the first brad. I marked my hole with a pencil before I punched it, so I got it just in the right place. Lay your brad over top of the pencil line, eyeball where the centre is, then mark it with a dot. Now make that hole!!
Step Four: Keep going, one brad at a time until you reach the end. I wouldn't recommend going at it from each sides and then meeting somewhere in the middle. Because then you need to make sure you've got a brad that fits in whatever hole is left! Better you just shorten or lengthen the line based on where you end up.

This is what the back will look like. It helps everything lay flat if you keep the prongs all going the same direction and not crossing over each other.
The finished layout...I like how my line of brads acts like an arrow, directing the reader from the photos down to the title. Notice how my final line of brads does not match my original sketch. It turns out that the little "loop" I drew didn't really work, so I just erased it and kept going.

The downside to this technique is that your page will be very heavy and large! If you want the same effect, but like to keep things light and slim, use paper or stickers instead. You can punch circles from pattern paper, or any shape really, and accent them with stickers or rub ons. The effect will be the same, but your page won't be so bulky!

I'm planning a whole bunch of classes in the next couple of months. Keep your eye on the TM Classes Blog for more information. Two of theme will feature Techniques I have done here in the past, so it will give all of you, my loyal readers a chance to try this stuff out in person!!

Until next week...