Sunday, November 30, 2008

Simple, Inexpensive, and Stunning!

Another super simple project. Beautiful Christmas tree decorations!

Products used: American Crafts paper (Prima flowers for the green ball- sprayed with olive, random buttons, dollar store stick pins, styro balls, tulle.

1. Take a 1" circle punch and punch out a bunch of circles
2. Take your stickpins and put them through the button and the circl and push into the styro ball. Repeat until covered. You will want to overlap slightly.
3. Then take your ribbon or Tulle and make a loop with a knot. Pin into the ball. You may want to put some glue onto the pin part before placing into the ball.

PLEASE NOTE: Now I never did find silver pins, I bought these at the dollar store, they were multi colored. What I did to color the pins was use a silver alcohol ink. I applied the ink to the ball of the pin - carefull do not squeeze it out, allow the ink to come to the tip of the bottle.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Techneek of the Week - Paper Flourish

Another uber-simple one from the brain of me...but I'm sick this week so I needed something small to ease me back into things!

But it's a good techneek none-the-less, and one that can be used in so many different ways, on so many different projects...that my kind of guy!

You will need:
  • Pen or pencil
  • Scissors
  • Scrap cardboard, chipboard or heavy weight cardstock
  • Chipboard flourish - to trace, or copy if you're not into doodling!
  • Some pattern paper from your stash

  • Step One: If you're confident enough to try your hand at doodling a swirl, go for it! Use your pencil and just go with the flow! If you don't like it, keep adjusting the lines until you have something that looks good!

    It will look messy at this stage, but when you cut it out just use the best line!

    Here is my hand drawn swirl after I cut it out. It's for sure not perfect, but that just adds some whimsy!

    And if you're not a confident doodler, just grab some other swirl and trace it! I still have a bunch of "leftover" chipboard swirls from a big Fancy Pants pack I bought ages ago, and they work great for this technique. NOTE: If you want to just use the original swirl to trace directly onto your pattern paper, go for it. I made a template because what happens if I want to use the original chipboard...then I won't have it for a template anymore!

    Just trace around the shape, and it doesn't have to be perfect!

    Then cut it out, and you have a nice template to use over and over again!

    Step Two: Pull together some papers from your stash, ones that you might want to use on your layout. We're not going to use all of them, but seeing them all together will give you an idea of which paper is the best to use for these.

    You'll want something that has a very subtle or repeating pattern. You don't want lined paper or stripes because when you cut the curvy swirl, the lines will look weird...but hey, it's your page!!

    Step Three: Take your chipboard template and lay it right side down on the wrong side of your pattern paper. This way you won't see any pencil lines!

    Step Four: Now trace around the swirl shape. It doesn't matter if you use a pen or pencil if you do it on the back side of the paper.

    Step Five: Cut out your shape, flip it over and there's your first swirl!!

    And here is my finished layout!
    It's a nice and simple layout about my son's adventure in the dusting of snow we got the other day! I just added some of the sparkly snowflakes I made a couple of Techneeks ago, some bling and a title. This just goes to show that you can use swirls on a boy layout!
    I hope you enjoyed this techneek. You could also try:
    • Sewing your swirls onto your page...I am so not organized enough for that!

    • Outline the edges with a pen

    • Sand or distress the edges

    • Combine different pattern papers to create a bigger, multi-coloured swirl

    And the winner is...

    Grand Prize: Electra who wrote: My favorite technique is your techneeks! ("are" your techneeks?) They never fail to delight me.Having said that, I guess my second favorite would be paint.Any kind. Any colour.

    Runner-Up: Justjan who wrote: I really like the Stix2 anything with foils. Next to bling - it's the hottest thing!

      Congratulations Ladies!! Please email me with your contact info so I can get your prizes out to you!! (

      And thanks to all of you who played along...including some of the TM girls! Chantel says her favourite techneek is swirling alcohol ink all over a transparency and using it as a background. Check it out here on her blog.

      And Lindsay's favourite techneek is the one I named after her! Check it out here for a step-by-step. Oh, and glossy accents on anything! You have to be careful when you work with her some days, because you'll put something down on the counter and before you know it, it's covered in Glossy Accents. Note to self: Black Prima flowers look totally awesome all covered in SHINY!

      See you back here next Thursday!

      The Countdown is on...

      Only 6 more hours to post your comment to win one of the prize packs! I've decided to let you enter up until I have the techneek up...and since I haven't even started working on it, that probably won't be until after Lucas goes to bed tonight!!

      So post your Comment here and you're entered to win a snazzy chipboard prize pack!

      See you tonight!

      Tuesday, November 25, 2008

      Only Two More Days...

      to enter the contest for the SWEET Riff Raff Designs & Maya Road chipboard prizes! Just post a comment below and you're entered to win! It's as simple as that!

      Even if you don't have a Blogger account, you can post a comment. Just post as "Anonymous" and leave your name within your post.

      I'll announce the winners in my Techneek Post on Thursday, so be sure to check if you're one of the lucky ones!!

      Check you later...

      Sunday, November 23, 2008

      Project of The Week - Card Holder!

      Hi Everyone, below is a super simple, extremely beautiful card hold I made, and yes those are my Christmas cards I made and have already mailed :) It's the only thing that i am ahead of schedule on!

      What I have done is taken some Jenni Bowlin chipboad stars, and I have glittered one using the Tim Holtz glossy accents as an adhesive, spray adhesive would also work well, and then I used the same adhesive to glue down paper on the smaller star. The glossy accents is amazing, I use it for almost everything - including gluing my shoes back together!

      Next I looped a ribbon for the 'hangger' part of the card holder, and cut a long strip for the bottom to clip the cards on. Thats it! Cute eh?

      As for my cards: joy stamp is a font from October Afternoon, snowflake is Maya road, bling is doodlebug, tuelle is Bazzill, papers are both KI.

      Cheers, have a great week!

      Thursday, November 20, 2008

      Techneek of the Week - Build A Page

      This week I'm showcasing, from start to finish, a simple way to complete a layout using a "divide and conquer" approach!

      Sometimes even I get stuck when I start a layout. And this is a super easy way to kickstart your creativitiy even when you're not feeling it! All you have to do is visually divide your layout into smaller sections making a little grid on your page. Then add your basic elements, like your photos and pattern paper, and lastly you go in with your embellishments and title to finish the page! This method can be used over and over again, and no one will ever notice! And you can embellish as much or as little as you like, so it suits every type of scrapbooker!

      You will need:

    • Solid and pattern paper to suit your photos - grab lots and we'll whittle it down to the ones that fit and match best.
    • A pencil and eraser - to mark where your papers and photos will end up
    • Embellishments and sticker letters - or whatever you want to use to embellish your finished layout
    • If you're really finicky about measuring and whatnot, grab a nice ruler and your trimmer. I do everything by sight, and cut with my aweseome big orange Fiskars scissors.
    • Repositionable adhesive

    • Step One:

      Pick your background paper. I'm doing a 9x9 layout, so I cut down a 12x12 sheet of new Autumn Leaves paper. You can do this technique on a rectangle as well, so those 8.5 x 11 scrappers out there!

      Next, decide where your photos are going to go. This will help determine the rest of your grid's shape and size. I'm using two 4x6 photos, but I layered the horizontal picture over top of the vertical one. If you decide you need to crop your photos, don't do it yet!! Wait until you decide the final position of all your elements before you start cutting anything!!

      Use your pencil to mark the background paper where the edges of your photos will sit. If you're really worried about things moving around while your trying to work, use repositionable adhesive to stick things down before you have to really stick them down!!

      (Sorry about the crooked photos...Blogger!!!)

      Step Two: I pulled together all the potential pattern papers from my stash that I might want to use. This is also a great technique to help use up your scraps! We're not going to use all of these patterns (I'm not that crazy!!), but it helps to keep your options open.

      Step Three: Try picking a couple of patterns from your giant stack and cutting them down to fit in the grid pattern. I grabbed a little scrap of October Afternoon lined paper, and turquoise flocked Doodlebug and cut them into smaller strips to fill the space beside the horizontal photo. A DreamStreet journaling tag fills the larger space and will work great when I get around to putting journaling on the page.

      If the first couple of papers don't work for you, try some others. If you're doing a larger layout, you might need bigger scraps than I used. Or you can use more. Once you have them in a position that you like, mark their edges onto the background paper (or stick them down with temporary adhesive)

      Step Three: To make your grid look less like a grid, add some scallops or swirls to break up the harsh lines of the grid. The lined paper I used accentuates the linear aspeact of the layout, so I really needed to add some "rounder" elements, for lack of a better word!!

      I grabbed some more paper out of my stash that was already scalloped for me. The new Sassafraslass papers come with a super neat-o patterned border.

      Techneek Within a Techneek!!!

      So I thought I would share a mini-techneek in here with you! Here's a how-to on creating your very own scallop-edged border.

      Grab your favourite corner rounder punch, doesn't matter what size (I'm using medium) and pull the guard off. That's the extra green plastic piece that sits around the edge anbd guides your paper in. Don't'll be able to put it back on again!!

      Starting at the left end of your paper, line the bottom edge of the paper up with the flat edge in your punch. Now punch the paper. Then move the punch to the right so the very tip of the curved part of the punch is even with the last scallop you punched. Then punch again.

      Keep doing this all down your paper to get a nice scalloped edge.I didn't end up using this little scalloped piece in my finished layout, but it's still a good technique to know!!

      Continued...Once you have the basic pattern paper and photos in place to complete your grid, glue them down for good! Remember that you have marks on your background paper to line everything up again.

      And now you can embellish the layout. I used a curved banner right in the middle of the layout, right in the middle of the grid, to add some dimension and break up the harsh lines of the paper. The Prima flowers and paper heart add more curvy lines and act as focal points that guide your eye around the layout. I added my title to the outside of the grid so I could still use the lined paper for my journaling.

      There aren't a lot of embellishments on the layout, but the ones that are there add both to the theme of the photos, and add some depth and texture to the grid.


      Now how about that contest...

      I've got some sweet Riff Raff Designs chipboard from the October release, as well as the big swirl, some fab fall American Crafts ribbon, Prima fall leaves, and lots of buttons!

      There's also a little "runners up" prize, because we here at TM like to spread the love!!

      I'll announce the winners next Thursday. All you need to do to win is leave a comment below with your favourite product/technique and you have a chance to get your hands on these sweet prizes!!

      And check back because I'm going to feature some of the other TM girl's artwork and their "signature moves" i.e. the techneeks and products they love!

      Tuesday, November 18, 2008

      Project of The Week!

      I apologize for the delay, I was a little wrapped up in my homework and completely forgot and am not nearly as smart as Lisa to pre-do my posts. So here we go...

      Below are some basic white candles and i have taken some of my favorite scrapbooking supplies and turned them into elegant centerpieces. For each candle I cut two strips of paper and centered one in the other and then decorated.


      Snowflakes are Heidi Swapp, paper is SEI and GCD studios, Bling is doodlebug, chipboard is Maya Road, Joy bling is Me and My Big Ideas.


      Thursday, November 13, 2008

      Techneek of the Week - Sparkly Snowflakes

      Tis the season, eh? For snow on the ground, and winter sports starting up, and more time indoors for scrapbooking!!

      I was inspired by the lovely snowfall we had in Edmonton the other day...which is now pretty much gone because the temperature shot right back up! So I didn't even get a picture of the first snow of the year...but I'm makingup for it with these gorgeous SPARKLY SNOWFLAKES!

      I'm showcasing a number of techniques in this post to turn your acrylic or chipboard snowflakes into fabulous embellishments that will go great on all those winter layouts I'm planning...once we actually get "real" snow!!

      NOTE: Blogger is up to its old tricks and is flipping some of my photos. It shouldn't effect the "lesson" learned here today, but it is a little bit annoying!!


      First Techneek - Juli's Technique ala Lisa
      You will need:
    • Chipboard snowflake - I'm using the new Riff Raff Designs
    • Ranger Perfect Pearls in the Pearl colour
    • Pearl alcohol ink
    • Glossy accents
    • Fluffy paintbrush

    • Step One: Working on a small area at a time, cover the shape in alcohol ink. Then quickly sprinkle the Perfect Pearls over the still wet alcohol ink using your fluffy paintbrush.
      Step Two: Keep applying the alcohol ink and then the Perfect Pearls until you have covered the entire shape. Now we wait until it dries.

      Step Three: Once it is dry, cover the entire shape with a nice thick coat of glossy accents. Now we wait until that dries, which will take at least an hour.

      Pictured below:

      The top snowflake has alcohol ink and Perfect Pearls, but no glossy accents. This is a very nice, subtle shimmery look. The bottom snowflake is coated in glossy accents that are still drying. And I am a goober and didn't take a picture of the finished product! Doy! Check out this post on my personal blog for an example in colour!


      Second Techneek - Super Glitter

      You will need:
    • Glitter - I used Doodlebug white and some old silver stuff we had lying around
    • Acrylic/plastic snowflakes - I'm using Maya Road
    • Glossy accents

    • Step One: Cover the shape with glossy accents. If you don't mind getting messy, it's really easy to just squirt a big glob of glossy accents on the shape and smear is around with your fingers. That way you get a nice smooth, thin coverage.

      This is what it will look like all covered with glossy accents. NOW, you could stop here and you would have a nice shiny snowflake, but today we're going for SPARKLY, so...

      Step Two: Sprinkle the white Doodlebug glitter all over the shape. Try not to just dump it on because you'll just end up with a big glob of glitter!

      Step Three: Before I tapped off the excess white glitter, I added some silver around the edges. This just gives it a little more dimension, more interest!

      Step Four: Tap off the excess glitter and let the whole thing dry fully!

      Pictured below: The finished product! See how the silver glitter gives a nice subtle contrast and adds some depth!


      Techneek #3 - Champagne Wishes

      You will need:
    • Acrylic/plastic snowflake shape (2)
    • Ranger Alcohol Ink in two shades of blue - I used Stream and Stonewash
    • blue Ice Stickles - I used these instead of regular Stickles because it gives a more subtle sparkle, but you should use whatever kind you have on hand!
    • Sparkly embossing powder - I used Whispers brand Holographic powder
    • Clear Embossing ink pad
    • Heat emboss gun
    • PROTECT YOUR WORK SURFACE AND YOUR CLOTHES! We are using alcohol ink, which stains!
    • Now I'm calling this techneek "Champagne Wishes" because we're using alcohol ink and sparkles. I know...I'm so clever! And I'm using alcohol ink as the base for two different techniques, so watch for the change-up!

      Step One: Choose your first colour of ink (here it's Stream, but it doesn't actually matter what you start with!). Drop some ink onto your shape and smear it around, either by rotating the shape, or using your fingers if you don't mind getting messy!Keep applying ink and smearing it around until your entire shape is covered. Now set this one aside to dry and grab the second snowflake and the second colour of alcohol ink.

      Apply the next colour of alcohol ink to the next snowflake the same way you did with the first one. Let them both dry.

      Pictured Below: the dry alcohol ink.

      Using Embossing Powder

      Step One: Press your snowflake into the clear embossing ink (or press the ink pad into the shape, your choice!) making sure the ink covers the entire surface.

      Step Two: Sprinkle the sparkly embossing powder all over the shape.
      Step Three: Tap off the excess powder.

      Step Four: Heat emboss. Now remember, and this is important, your heat gun will melt the plastic and make it curvy, especially if you leave the heat on it for too long. Keep the gun moving, and once you see the embossing powder setting don't go back over that spot! Let it sit for a moment once your done before picking it up, as it will be super hot!!

      And I can't figure out why I didn't post pictures of the finished snowflakes...and now I'm at work so I can't check to see if I even TOOK this picture!! Trust me that they look totally cool and sparkly!!

      On the second blue snowflake I smeared the Ice Stickles all over. Keep in mind that Stickles WILL NOT STICK TO ACRYLIC SHAPES on it's own. It will just flake right off once it has dried. So I applied the alcohol ink as a base, and am hoping that this solves that problem! I'll let you know tomorrow!!


      Techneek the Fourth - The Home Stretch!

      You will need:

    • Chipboard snowflake
    • Ranger Liquid Pearls - I think I used the Pearl colour...exciting, I know! But there's a nice silver and light blue that would look great on a snowflake as well!

    • Step One: Apply Liquid Pearls all over the surface of your snowflake.

      Now, unless you spread it with a different tool (like your fingers or a popsicle stick or something) it's going to look bumpy-lumpy. I think it justs adds some nice, unique texture to the snowflake. If you want it to be smooth you will just have to smooth it with your fingers or popsicle stick or something else!

      I'll try and post some completed projects tomorrow, using my new sparkly snowflakes!! I must say that I had a tonne of fun making these little guys! And now I have a nice little stack of embellishments ready for future scrapbooking!!


      Now you'll want to check back next week, like for sure, as I'm doing a special post featuring the favourite techneeks of the rest of the Treasured Memories "Design Team"...and I'll be doing a little giveaway! WOOT! Free Stuff!!