Friday, September 25, 2009

Featuring...NEW Sassafras

Be still my monster-heart! I have been patiently waiting for all the new fabulousness that is Sassafras to arrive in store...and it has paid off in spades!

Lots of bright colours and quirky patterns: classic Sassafras. Plus there's a sticker that says "That's How I Roll"...that's classic Lisa! I bought a bunch (a bouquet really!), and brought it home to play.
Layout the First. I used my hand as a mask! And while it is very orange now (very very), it was the cheapest and most accessible thing I could find! I used two colours of orange Glimmer Mist and my red Colour Wash. After it had dried a bit, I smudged some turquoise Glimmer Mist inside, then spattered some alcohol ink over top.

This layout is all about my name...

Page the Second, with another little Technique thrown in for good measure...

For perfect circles why not use coins as a mask. I grabbed my change jar, scattered some quarters, dimes and pennies all over my card stock, then sprayed with three colours of Colour Wash and Glimmer Mist. Because the coins are deeper than paper, they were easy to pull off without smudging the ink.

I hope you enjoy trying out some new stuff this week, wherever you might be. With all the change in the weather, it doesn't hurt to change up your scrapbooking as well.
I am submitting both of my layouts to different challenge Blogs today (if I get my butt in gear!).

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


The winner of the Grand Prize is: SARAH

The runners uppers are: Kerri & Crystal

I'll be emailing you shortly to get your mailing addresses. Sorry it took me so long...I wasn't even very busy this weekend! Just forgetful.

Thanks to all for entering, and check back this week for a new Technique Post. I promise to have something new for you, cause I totally didn't last week and I am a giant goof ball!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

TOTW - Recession Proof your Scrapbooking

Hi was your week? Mine was okay, but I have been doing a lot of scrapbooking so at least I have that going for me!! Plus, I got to work at the store on Thursday for the first time in awhile, and it was so much fun! All the new stuff we have been getting in is just awesome...but it can be overwhelming as well. I'm here today to offer you some tips on making the most of your scrapbooking dollar, while still being able to enjoy all the new fabulous product as well!

Try this:
- Use your scraps! This may seem obvious, but most of us have heaps and heaps of scrap paper laying around. I only ever use bits and pieces of pattern paper on my layouts, so I have piles of little pieces hanging around everywhere. A while back I organized most of my pattern paper into colour families, and my scraps have a similar home. Instead of always buying a new sheet of "must-have" paper, go through the stuff you already might find just what you need there!

- Buy in bulk. Instead of buying a box of buttons, buy only the one or two that you need from a bulk jar. Creative Imagination's Creative Cafe line has every colour and style you could ever want, and they're only 5 or 10 cents per button. Same goes with a yard for only a buck or two instead of a whole roll. Now not only did you save some money, you're not stuck with a bunch of product you don't want!

- Make your own...embellishments, pattern paper, flowers, etc. Paint is cheap, and for the amount of use you get from it, so are inks, sprays, colour washes, etc. Try revamping some of your old supplies by giving them a little spritz with some Glimmer Mist. Or making your own pattern paper using ink and colour wash. All you need is some cheap cardstock...I buy 25 sheets of white 8.5 x 11 at a time, and I am never bored with it! An investment in a couple of favourite colours will last a long time. Plus, these types of techniques always make for unique and creative layouts!

- Share supplies with a friend. Instead of each of you buying that giant pack of paper, split it in half. Not only will you save money, but you might get something that you wouldn't normally pick for yourself, and it's always fun to try new things!

- On a similar note, hold a "Swap Crop" where everyone brings some supplies from their stash that they just don't want anymore. Let all the participants "shop" from the unwanted items. You get some free, new-to-you product, you get rid of some of the old stuff in your stash, and anything left at the end of the crop can go to a charity group or school that might need the supplies. Everybody wins!

- Buy a kit. Every month the talented ladies at Treasured Memories put together three kits full of amazing, coordinating product worth about $50...and then we sell them back to you for $35! Not only do you get to try some new things, everything already matches so you don't have to worry about that, and you're getting a sweet deal! There are loads of other kit clubs online nowadays. And every one of them has something different to offer, so there's a kit to suit every scrapper. I'm always the first to recommend buying local before you "outsource" your shopping, but if you live in a town with no scrapping or craft store, this might be your best bet for sticking to a scrapping budget, while sampling some of the latest and greatest products as well. But do your research a lot of cases the shipping costs are what kills ya!

There are millions more ways to save some green while still enjoying the best hobby ever! This is just the tip of the iceberg.

And now, on to the fun stuff...

At the last CHA Show, Prima Marketing released a line called "E"...this is their response to the economic situation facing us all. Everything in the release is classic Prima: jewels, gems and flowers! Great colours, great design, all for a great price...only $2.25 per pack!!!

I snagged a couple of packages from the store, added some scraps from home and created this simple, beautiful and economical layout.

You will need:
- flowers & gems, rhinestones, pearls, whatever suits your fancy
- white cardstock (in whatever size you like...this technique would also look great on Kraft)
- Spray ink or Colour Wash or Glimmer Mist and a mask (I'm using a chipboard shape)
- scraps of pattern paper, tags or stickers in coordinating colours
Using a Riff Raff Designs chipboard shape and some Adirondack Colour Wash (in Pesto & Lettuce), I created a great inexpensive background. I sprayed the ink over the shape, moved the shape over and did it again and again until I had covered enough of the cardstock. I already knew where my photo was going so I didn't have to cover the whole background. I spritzed a little bit of Stream Colour Wash on top to add some blue into the background.
Here's a close up of the Prima "E" flowers and pearls. I picked the white ones because by using spray ink or Glimmer Mist you can make them whatever colour you want! You only have to buy one pack of flowers, some spray ink and you're set to go! This not only makes each project less expensive, but more unique as well. All of the pattern paper I used were leftovers from previous projects. I cut them into irregular shapes and placed them around and under the edges of my photo to create a fancy frame. The ribbons and flowers add some texture and interest without being too busy. I might add some journaling in the Jenni Bowlin sticker at the top of the frame, but I'm going to leave off a standard "title." Wasn't I a cute kid!


Now what would a budget-friendly post be without a GIVEAWAY! I am here to help you make the most of your scrapbooking dollar, and freebies are the best way to do that!!! Up for grabs is a wonderful Prima prize pack, with a selection of flowers and gems from their "e" line. Not only do you get packs of the white flowers and blue & brown gems that I used on my layout, I'm also including some brights, rainbow, and great fall colours...most of the ladies who shop at TM (and work there!) would agree that you can never have too much bling or flowers in your stash!!

Enter to win by leaving a comment below stating your favourite way to make your money last. Make sure your email address is either in the comment or on your Blog profile so I can get in touch with the winner. I also have a couple of "runners up" prizes, including some of the new paper and embellishments from My Mind's Eye...sorry, no flowers there!

Everyone who posts a comment is eligible to win, no matter where you live (or where you shop!!).

Contest closes next Saturday, that's September 19th. I'll probably draw at name at the end of the day, so you'll have a full week to comment. Good Luck!!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

TOTW - The Finished Product Part One

Hi all!

As promised, here is the picture of my finished layout from my latest technique. I did a second layout with this technique for my September Kit (only two left for sale at the store!!) so I'll post that along with some other inspiration layouts this Friday.

until then...

Saturday, September 5, 2009

TOTW - Ink Dots

I just couldn't decide what to show you for a Technique this week. There have been so many new and wonderful additions to the store, providing a lot of opportunities for "Featuring..." and "Inspired By" showcases. But half the fun is coming up with new Techniques to use along side all the new stuff. I decided to combine a bunch of the fun new products in store with a tried-and-true Technique for a nice balance this week!

You will need:
- ink pad (I really like the Tim Holtz Distress pads because they are great colours, and they stay really bright once applied)
- foam or felt applicator (the wooden one pictured is from Ranger, but any foam or felt piece will work, include foundation makeup applicators!)
- magic mesh, dot mesh, whatever you have on hand (the strip I have here was a gift from a friend, so I'm not sure who makes it, but it has a nice big pattern and the top is plastic so the ink wipes right off after you're done.)

Step One: Get some ink on your applicator by rubbing it directly on to your ink pad.

Step Two: Place your mesh "mask" on your background paper. Holding it down firmly, rub the ink onto the paper over top of the mask. By applying the ink first to an applicator, it helps vary the intensity of the ink so you can have lighter and darker areas.
Keep applying ink over the mesh until you have the desired effect.

Now me being the genius that I am, I forgot to take pictures of the finished layout! Ha! Tomorrow when there's some good light out, I'll snap some pics then and post them up here.
Also on my plate this week...I created a fabby little September Kit for the store. All turquoises, oranges, greens and pinks...perfect to keep some summer flavour in your life as we move into fall! I've completed a bunch of layouts using product in the kit that I'm going to post here. Chantel's vintage-inspired kit is already sold out, but Victoria, the newest addition to the TM Team created a fun and bright kit that's still up for sale. I'll post some of their layouts here as well so if you're lucky enough to get your hands on one of the kits, you can check back here for some inspiration!

The new Riff Raff shapes for September are can see all of them here and check back all month for some Design Team inspiration, including my layouts! If you can't get enough of Riff Raff, send an email to Ben and Kara...they might just feature you on their blog in a little showcase they call Riff Raff In Real Life.

until next time...