Friday, March 26, 2010


So as of right now, I'm still working out some kinks and putting my limited digital knowledge to the test, but I thought I would publish the new address for the new Treasured Memories Techniques Blog!

Please join me over there to continue your wonderful journey of knowledge and discovery! I already have the first new post up, and I'm excited to share with you all the new items I added!

Treasured Memories Trends and Techniques

And thanks for all your patience and support on's not the easiest thing to do, moving one blog into another, but I hope it was worth the wait!

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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Drumheller Album

I put this guy together in a couple of sessions, using new product from Studio Calico, some Bling, letter stickers from My Little Shoebox, and my new Martha Stewart butterfly punch.

It's all built in an old magnetic photo album I found for a steal at Value Village.

Maybe next week Blogger will be more cooperative with me, but right now it's not letting me upload my pictures properly to the new Blog...sorry again for the delay.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Bonus Technique and Some New Stuff!

We have been getting so many new and fun shipments recently! If you haven't been in your LSS lately, now is the time to go! The new CHA product is arriving daily, and there are some great lines to play with!

Today I am using some new KandCompany bling, paper and die cuts. I am not normally the biggest fan of KandCo. stuff, but this time around there are some amazing little do-dads. And there's a bonus little technique within the new stuff...we're making paper flowers!

First, a layout:
Here I am using some of the new Kand Co. die-cut titles. This cut out type of art is very popular in many online communities, so it's nice to see the scrapbooking world jump on the cart. I'm also using some of their new pearls, that come in a rainbow pack with rhinestones as well!

For about $5 you get four designs in two different colours (see below): white and shimmery

Keep in mind that these detailed cuts don't really carry the same effect on a busy pattern paper...

They look best on solid, as in the demo layout, or a subtle pattern, as you can see below.
You could also try:
- Using Glimmer Mist or stamping ink to colour the die cuts
- trace the image onto a solid colour, cut it out and then mount the solid colour on the back for a popped out look

And now onto our technique.

For the paper flowers you will need:
- pattern paper
- trimmer with cutting and scoring blades
- liquid glue & paper-to-paper adhesive

Step One: Take some pattern paper and cut a strip off. You will see below, that 2" is too wide! Might I recommend 1.5". And it doesn't have to be a 12" long strip...start with a 8"-9" strip for practice. Plus it takes way less time to do a shorter strip!

Step Two: With your scoring blade, score the pattern paper to make your folds. 4/8" is a great size! You will need to do this all along your paper. This is why I recommend starting a shorter strip (8"-9").
In the second photo you can see all of my score marks. Try not to rip through the paper. This will only cause you headaches me!

Step Three: Accordion fold all of your score marks.

Step Four: Now it gets to the fun part! HA! Gather all of your folds together. That is, squish up the strip of paper so it's nice and compressed. Put some paper-to-paper adhesive on the ends.

Step Five: I don't have pictures of the next step because I needed to use both hands! Place the compressed paper on your table and slowly fan it out, bringing the ends together in a circle. Stick the adhesive ends together and hold on!

NOTE: Remember how I said 2" was too wide? Well here's a shot of how that worked out!! You don't want your flower to be too wide, or else it just won't form a proper circle!

Here is what it's supposed to look like! It might take a little fineggling to get this thing to sit flat. And if you have any rips it will be a little bit more difficult!

Step Six: Turn the flower over, back side up, and put a whole dollop of liquid glue in the centre. Try and get it into all the folds if possible.

And put something heavy-ish on top while it dries.

This is less like a flower and more like a fun pinwheel! And if you call it a pinwheel, you can put it on a boy's layout just as well as a girl's!

Finish it off with some bling, buttons, pearls, whatever you like!

You could also try:
- sprinkling some glitter over top
- inking or sanding the top most edges for a more distressed look
- making a whole bouquet of these in matching colours and different sizes
- putting one on a canvas, picture frame, or headband

Happy Crafting...and I'll see you back here next week...sometime!!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Road Trip...and a Delay

The mini-fam and I are going on a Road Trip down to Drumheller this weekend, so I have postponed the new Blog Reveal!

But I am planning on leaving you with a little Technique/Trend tomorrow...using some of the new and super fun K&Company product that has newly arrived. Normally I'm not a big fan of their stuff - too many glitter stickers for my taste - but this time around they have a lot of fun vintage-looking die cut packs, stickers, etc. And some great bling...which I love.

See you back here tomorrow...and keep watching for the new Blog! I'm so excited about it!!!

later skater alligator