Thursday, May 28, 2009

Inspired By...a book jacket

This week I was stuck. Just plain stuck for what I would show you today! I always seem to come up with the "best" techneeks when I'm not thinking about it! And I draw a blank as the deadline draws near! So when in doubt, I look for an ordinary item in my life to by "inspired by..." And this week it was one of my giveaway books. I keep a stack of these in front of y bookshelf when I'm done with a book and don't think I will read it again. This book in particular has a great graphic design on the front, as well as a great colour scheme! So I decided to see what I could do with it!

I started with the Heidi Swapp Mega Masks to make my star shape. And instead of using the negative of the mask, I'm tracing the shape directly on my background paper.

Next, I peeled the mask off and painted it the shape with some red to match the colours in the book jacket.

While my star shape was drying, I painted my Riff Raff chipboard. Just with some green paint. Then I added some Key Lime Pie glimmer mist to give it some pizazz!

I wanted to add some pattern paper to my layout, but I also didn't want to distract from the star shape. So I used my Heidi Swapp mask again to cut my pattern paper just perfectly to fit around the red star I had already painted on my layout.

The finished layout:

It's super simple (a new trend for me?) but it looks nice! The star stands out and makes a great background for the title. And the palm tree adds some contrast. Next time you are stuck for an idea, look to your bookshelf (or your CD rack!) for some inspiration.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Inspired By...

This morning I was lurking around some of my fave websites and blogs, and I was inspired by some of the art I found there.

Some of you might remember Elsie Flannigan from all her amazing work with KI Memories a couple of years ago. She has moved on to start her own online store, selling her art and crafts with some good friends! I have always admired her scrapbooking, and now find myself inspired by her art!

These paintings caught my eye, and I knew I could translate their geometric lines to my scrapbooking doodles!

You will need:
- Sharpie or other permanent black marker
- paper

- paint
- crayon
- pen or felt marker

Step One: Pick a shape and draw it on your background paper. I like the diamond-type shapes Elsie used in her paintings. It doesn't have to be perfect, just do it!!

Step Two: Draw the shape a couple more times on your paper. I joined them together with a simple line between.

Step Three: Once you have finished drawing your shapes, you can colour them in with some paint or markers, pencil crayons, regular crayons, etc. etc. I used some basic craft paint watered down to add some colour to my shapes.
I used less water where I wanted the colour to be brighter.

And the finished doodle. With colour. Bright and nice!!

And the finished layout. Simple, but stunning!

I doodled the title and added some red paint and felt marker to add some extra colour.

photos of Elsie's art found on and

Friday, May 8, 2009


The Techneek this week features a new product...well sort of's been out for awhile but I haven't played with it yet. So "new to me" is a better way of putting it I guess!

You will need:
- Heidi Swapp mega mask (I'm using the big stars)
- background paper
- Glimmer Mist (today my version is with Glimmer Mist, but scroll all the way down to the bottom for more ideas!)
- making tape, scrap paper or newsprint

Step One: Protect your workspace! I cannot stress this enough in any of my Techneeks. Glimmer Mist will wash out of most things, but why take the risk! Keep some of that paper and plastic handy to cover the edges of the mask as well.

Step Two: Position your mask on your paper. The mask is very sticky...very. So press it onto your shirt or the carpet to get some lint on it so it's not so tacky the first time you use it (Heidi's suggestion, not mine...but it's a good one!). Stick it down, making sure to pay special attention to the areas you will be spraying.

Step Three: Make sure the rest of the mask is completely covered. The Heidi Mega Masks have many masks on one sheet, so cover up all but the one you want to show. I use old Treasured Memories paper bags that I tack down with masking tape. Glimmer Mist has a tendency to get everywhere! Especially in places you don't want it!
See how I've covered everything but the big star I want to spray. Nothing else is showing.

Step Four: Spray your mist. I'm working with two colours today: Daffodil and Orange Sherbet (I think...don't quote me on that!). I'm doing each colour on a different star, but you could combine colours on the same part of the mask for a shadow effect...which would look really cool too!

Spray until the shape is covered to your liking, then blot off the excess with some paper towel. This means less mess when you pull the mask off, and helps blend any areas of the Glimmer Mist that might have pooled.

Step Five: Gently, GENTLY, pull the mask off your paper. GENTLY! You might want to first pull of the protective sheets of paper or plastic, if you used any.
NOTE: I totally pulled some of the first layer off my background paper. I think it was bound to happen, as the brand new mask is very tacky to start with! The more you use it, the less this is likely to happen. But it just added to my overall messy effect, so I wasn't too concerned about it!
If you are going to do another shape on the same background, wait a bit for the first shape to dry. I found that when the shape was still wet, the mask pulled off the surface very easily, as you can see below.

Complete all the steps for the next shape, and let it dry.

And the finished layout! I love how the stars turned out! To really showcase them, I outlined them roughly with a black pen, and continued the doodling around the edge of the page.

I also added some black spray paint and teal and yellow alcohol ink (squirted on) to complete the messy look.

You could also try:
- Using ink, spray paint, acrylic paint, etc. to create the effect.
- Layer multiple masks on the same page. On the back of the package there's a great example of this.

I was inspired by some office supplies today, while at the office...ah ha...and decided to complete a layout at work!!! It can be done!!! I used labels, self-inked stamp (smiley face :-), masking tape, a paper clip and various other items you might find in excess at a dental office! My learning experience? Never use re-inker on it's own on a's way too wet and takes forever to dry and in the meantime gets all over your hands and tabletop and then on your other papers etc. etc. etc.!!

The labels on this page inspired the labels I used on my Techneek I thought I would share. Inspiration can be found anywhere...including in your very own scrapbooks!

Later skater alligator. I'll be back tomorrow with a project...theoretically!!

Hey There!

I got so excited over my giveaway last week, I forgot to do a Techneek! Oops! I have started on one, so I'll get it finished and up this afternoon...I promise!

For those of you who won a prize last week, if you haven't emailed me PLEASE DO! I have a whole stack of prize packs sitting in my dining room waiting for a new home!

later skater alligator!

Sunday, May 3, 2009


Full of the National Scrapbook Day spirit I have decided to award a bunch more prizes!! I have paper and ribbon and other assorted goodies for the following lucky ladies!!!

CINDY...who commented both on the Main Blog and on my Blog...way to go eager beaver!!

MTWILKS...a screen name I can only hope is a combo of initials and last name...cause you need some more vowels!!

VERONICA...I {heart} you!!

ALISON...eleven layouts and counting!...who says you can't have a budget AND have fun!!

ELECTRA...hope you have fun going through your own stash!!

LISA...hey that's my name too!!

TAMI...we all have so many extras...and now you have some more!!

CRYSTAL...sometimes simple is best!

LISSAME...haven't seen you in the store in awhile...maybe I'll get to hand-deliver your prize!! many stamps do I have to put on the package to get it to the UK!?!?!? I'm betting it's more than two!

SANDY...I do so love to share!! that's my uber-lame way of saying EVERYBODY IS A WINNER TODAY!!

So if all y'all could email me your mailing addresses I can get your packages out to you asap. And since this blog works on the honour system, I'm going to trust that you are who you say you are!! works just fine, or send one off to the Treasured Memories email (whatever that might's posted on the main blog) and Chantel will pass it along to me.

If you live in town, or are coming to Treasured Memories in the next little bit, I will leave your package there for ya! I am so excited to get some budget busters out to everyone! We gave out so many door prizes at the crops in the last two days, I am totally in the giving mood! Plus I get to shop for other people!! And put together ELEVEN more goodie bags! WOOT!

There will be a new techneek this week, Thursday as per usual...and I'm thinking something fun and "spring" themed...but don't ask me what because I have no idea what I'm going to do yet! (as per usual!)


Saturday, May 2, 2009

Update...and a winner!

So we've sold out of Juli's kit...oh my!! And we're running low on Spring Fever AND both the Boy and Girl "Cuddles" kits. So if you had your heart set on any, give the store a ring and we'll set some aside. And we will ship...

National Scrapbooking Day is a success!!

And the WINNER of my little give away is...AMY! Email me your address and I'll get your prize out to you ASAP!

And thanks to everyone for playing along...I do have some more prizes to award, so check back on Monday for the "runners up."

May's Kit

"Spring Fever"

My first kit in a long time...and I had a lot of fun putting it together! I hope you have fun with it as well!

Check out the originals in store...they look much better in person!

Treasured Memories will ship kits...wherever you may if you want one call the store! (780) 414-1540. But do it soon...our kits sell out every month! You can also be put on a special mailing list, to have a kit set aside for you every can decide if you want it once you see it!

Everything in the kit is hand-selected by a member of our crack team, and all told the product itself retails for about $50 but you get it in the kit for $35!! WOWEE!

I will post the WINNER of my giveaway later's a great prize so make sure you leave a comment!

You don't need to have a blog to comment, and you don't need to say anything witty or funny or special or anything.

There is no code word, or skill-testing could just type "I like free stuff" or "Gimme Gimme" or "Please pick me"'s all good!

Friday, May 1, 2009

and so on...

Blogger is being goofy and won't let me edit my last post...argh!

What I'm trying to say is:

Both kits are great this month! Tomorrow I will post pictures of my completed layouts for the Spring Fever kit here. And then I will fix the pictures and post again!!

The other kit (Vintage Journey) was created especially for you by Juli. My best Saturday bud is leaving TM (sad face), but before her last shift she put together this wonderful kit full of her favourite products. It is pure Juli, at her finest! She's also creating some layouts with her kit, which I will be sure to post here once I get my hands on them! We'll miss you Jules!

Check out pictures of both kits on the Main TM here

More "More Bang for Your Buck!"

Here are a couple more layouts I made using my $20 worth of new stuff. I'm pretty much out of Thickers!! And I only have a bit of raggedy paper scraps left. But I do have two flowers remaining...the pink and the purple! Go figure!

And...I am so excited...National Scrapbook Day is THIS WEEKEND! I am going to be at the store both hubby is so not excited about that! To boot, my first TM Kit in a long time will be making it's debut for sale! WOOT!! It is so bright and fun and ME! Here is a sneak...
I have already completed 10 layouts using the kit, and will post them all here on the weekend. I will warn you that my pictures are kind of bad...I only noticed the giant shadow in them on the last I will be re-taking them soon enough! Also, you will be able to get up close and personal with them at the store!

And since we have started releasing two kits every month, I will give you a hint about the second one...Juli. That is all.


And still have one day left to post a comment HERE to win the lovely $20 Mini Kit!

Good Luck!