Thursday, December 18, 2008

And the Winners Are...

Lisa S



Congratulations Ladies! I'll leave your prizes at the store tomorrow and you can pick them up at your leisure.

And since next Thursday is Merry Christmas time, you won't be hearing from me until the New Year!!

Until then...

TOTW - Sparkle & Shine

Now I'm not usually a "sparkle person" but when it's starts to snow, and the malls have put up their Christmas decorations, and there are twinkly lights everywhere, I get a little excited!! Why not let that inspire my scrapbooking process??

This week I'm going to show you four ways to bring the sparkle of the season into your scrapbooking layout!!

You will need:

  • Tattered Angels Glimmer Mist in a colour of your choice - I used Daffodil for this project

  • Tattered Angels Glimmer Screen - or some other mask

  • Variety of colours of rhinestones/gems/bling. I used Doodlebug red and brown, and Kaiser Crafts peach

  • Prima rhinestone swirls

  • Buttons

  • A chipboard shape - I used Riff Raff Designs hand

  • Glitter - I used Melissa Frances, which comes in a pack of three colours, but any glitter will do. We also carry Stix2 & Doodlebug brands, but I've heard that the Martha Stewart stuff is amazing!!

  • Stickles in a variety of colours to match your layout

Techneek #1: Glimmer Mist
I think I've covered this Techneek before, but here's a little refresher!

Grab the Glimmer Mist you chose for your layout, and a Glimmer Screen or mask.

Lay the mask down on your layout and spritz the Glimmer Mist all over it, and around it, BUT don't cover the whole page with Glimmer Mist. Carefully move the screen to another part of the layout and spritz with Glimmer Mist.
Do this one more time (or two if you're doing a 12x12 layout) until you have the design repeated on your layout. It looks great if you offset them a bit and let some hang off the edge, so it looks like you cut your sheet from a larger sheet of pattern paper!

You could also try:

  • Adding a second accent colour around the edges. Do the base colour (a light colour or a neutral like silver or gold), wash off the Screen, then reapply it in the same place and spritz with a new colour!

Techneek #2: Rhinestones

Start off by pulling together a whole bunch of rhinestones/bling from your stash that might work on your layout. You can pick and choose from this pile once you start putting your layout together. I chose browns, reds and golds that went with photos I had in mind.

Pull together some pattern papers for your stash that match your layout and the rhinestones you picked. They don't have to be a perfect match, just similar in tone.

Now punch out one square per pattern paper. Try and find a unique pattern within the pattern that will look good in a little square! Make sure you have enough to run down the entire page, with a little space in between.

Arrange your punched out squares, and adhere to your layout. Notice how they are a little don't need your ruler for this part!

Now take your pile of assembled rhinestones/bling, and add some to the squares. Think of each square as a mini layout. Don't be afraid to add words, buttons, brads, rub-ons, etc. to add some sparkle and interest to this side of the page, as the other side will remain fairly unadorned. You don't need to decorate every square!

Finally, to unite all the elements on the page - the black in the paper and in the photos, the bright red of the lights, and the bling - I added a Heidi Swapp clear title block, a Creative Cafe felt word, and a beautiful Prima bling swirl. These guys are super easy to use, as all of the rhinestones are stuck to each other with a practically invisible plastic piece, so you don't need to glue on each rhinestone individually! This finished off the page nicely, and makes my title stand out.

And the finished layout...all I need to do is add some journaling, and I'm ready to put it in my album!

There are so many ways to add rhinestones to your page. If you remember last week's Techneek, I used some to add sparkle and dimension to my Button Border. They also look great in the centre of a flower, or on top of a large brad.

Techneek #3: Glitter

Choose for yourself a nice chipboard shape, and some glitter. You should also lay a sheet of scrap paper down on your work surface to collect the glitter so it doesn't get all over the place.

I like using the ZIG Two-Way glue pen for glitter (and flocking) projects. It adds just enough glue, and since it doesn't dry immediately you have some working time. Start in one corner of the shape and add glue to a small area.

Then sprinkle your glitter over top of the glue. Tap off the excess, and start on the next patch. Add your glue, then sprinkle on your glitter.

Keep going until you have covered the entire shape with glitter. Look how pretty!!

And here is the layout I built my hand shape around. I really wanted the hand to stand out on the page, and what better way to do it than with a little sparkle! It also bring attention to the red in the photo and reminds me of marquee signs, which is reminiscent of the theme of the layout!

You could also try:

  • Adding some glitter to a clear shape. The liquid glue dries clear, and if you use white glitter you get a really whimsical effect.

  • Create your own design on your background using PVA glue. Stix2 PVA glue has a nice metal tip so you could do an intricate swirl, add some glitter and have a beautiful hand-made background!

  • Using some of the *new* Swarovski Crystals we just got in! Boy do these guys SPARKLE!!

Saturday, December 13, 2008


I am very sorry I have been sick for the past couple of days and I haven't been able to do much. Enjoy the time off and go and wrap some gifts or bake some cookies! :) Have a great week.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

TOTW - Button Border

What fun!! I know this Techneek will appeal to all the Button-Lovers in our audience! And I know there are some hoarders, I mean collectors, out there who would appreciate this one as well!

A button border is a simple way to create texture, and a super way to direct your eye to your photo or title, the focal point on any layout!

You will need:

  • A bunch of buttons from your stash

  • Glue dots

Step One: Collect a handful of buttons from your stash that match the paper(s) you are using in your layout. I'm using some NEW buttons from the NEW Creative Imaginations Creative Cafe line we just got in to the store. It's super-awesome, because you can buy one button if you only want one. Or one tag, or one felt shape, or one felt word! Or five or ten...however many you want! And this way you can also mix-&-match your supplies based on the colours you need, not on the colours that the manufacturer thinks you need!

Step Two: Start assembling your button border directly on your layout where you want it to go! Don't stick anything down yet...we just want to get an idea of what looks good where. Use a variety of large and small buttons, different colours and and different shapes/styles if you can swing it. Try layering small buttons on top of larger ones.

Try and use it to define a border between pattern papers, or above or below a photo. The buttons provide a great "arrow" pointing out the focal point of my page - the photo!

Step Three: Once you have a look that you like, a nice combination of large and small, start gluing them down, one at a time. Add your title, and you're done!

You could also try:

  • Adding some rhinestones or bling along with the buttons for a little more sparkle!!

  • Stitch your buttons directly on your page (using embroidery floss and a needle)

  • A simple line of same-coloured buttons in different sizes

Another contest!!

Since the last one was such a hit, and I am in such a giving mood with the holidays coming up, I'm having another contest!

Post a comment below, stating your favourite Holiday Tradition and you're entered to win one of two prizes!

I'll post the winner with the Techneek of the Week next week before I take a little holiday break!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

December Kit Mini Album

This is a little Bonus Project for you! It's especially great for those of you who snagged the December Kit at the store. But if you weren't one of the lucky ones, it's still a snazzy mini-album to make! Contained within are some super fun and easy Techneeks and it's a great way to get yourself in the Christmas spirit PLUS have somewhere to put all those photos you're going to take!!

You will need:

  • the Treasured Memories December Kit - essentially you need 5 pattern papers, and since the ones in the kit are double-sided they do double-duty, a light coloured cardstock, some paper flowers, bling and letter stickers.
  • A journaling stamp - I used the Bam Pop fancy frame, but you can use whatever you have in your stash.

  • Black Staz-On ink pad

  • A couple of different-sized circle punches
  • Pink and green craft paint and a paintbrush - I used Making Memories and Ranger

  • Liquid glue - I use my trusty Ranger Glossy Accents

  • Glitter paint - I'm using Making Memories, but you can use whatever you have in your stash that works the same way. For example, a bottle of Stickles and a paintbrush will have the same effect!

  • Tattered Angels Glimmer Mist in Pearl, Jazz Blue & Pink Ink - or whatever colours match that you have on hand

  • A black pen

  • A chipboard album - I made mine out of leftover chipboard from the store and some binder rings, but use what you've got

NOTE: All of the photos I'm including in my book are 3.5 x 5. If you want to include smalelr or larger photos in your book, adjust for that while your doing the layout. And since this is going to be my Christmas book for THIS YEAR, I don't actually have any photos for it yet. I stick a white sheet of cardstock on each page over top of which I will eventually place my photo.

AND REMEMBER that since this is a homemade chipboard album the back of page two is actually page three!

Step One: If you're making your own chipboard album, cut your pieces down to 6 x 6 (or 6x6.25 in my case). I used the big Making Memories trimmer for this.

    Step Two: Take a ruler and measure the places you want your holes. I'm using three binder rings, so I took my calculator and figured out what 6/4 is (about 1.5) and marked that along my first page. Then I made a mark in from the edge at half an inch. The place where these two marks cross is where I'll punch my holes.

    Step Three: Punch the holes in your album. I used the Crop-A-Dile because it punches very easily through chipboard. Once you've got the holes in the first page, line up the second page and use the holes as a guide. Keep going like this until you have holes in all of your pages.

    (Note: I left the binder rings out until I finished embellishing the entire album. They are pictured here to show you how it will look once you have all your holes punched in the right place!)

    Step Four: Now that this is done, we can move on to the fun stuff...sort of! Since this is meant to be a super simple and QUICK album to put together, I want you to put away your trimmer and pull out a nice big pair of scissors. We are going to cut strips of paper without measuring it, and without straight edges! Now I know some of you are thinking "ack!" but this is a lesson in "letting it go" and just having fun with the supplies and enjoying the creative process! Woo!

    So grab 5 of the pattern papers from the kit that you like (or ones from your stash at home) and start cutting strips of various widths. Cut all the way across the 12x12 sheet, and you can cut down the long strips when you go to use them on a page.

    Once you have a respectable amount of strips cut, set them aside. We'll use them as we go.

    Step Five: Using the stamp that you chose, and your black Staz-On pad, fill the sheet of shimmery blue cardstock from the kit (or on the colour of your choice). We're using the Staz-On pad because regular ink will smear on the shimmery paper. If you are using plain cardstock, any black ink pad will do.

    I also stamped a bunch of 7Gypsies labels for good measure! These guys will smear a little (the self-inking stamps are just regular ink), so be careful!

    You don't have to cut all of them out now. I cut each one as I went. Every double-page layout in my album has a journaling spot, so that means I needed 10. You will see that there are only 9 pictured here...well I am sneaky and did the extra one on the green cardstock that comes in the kit!

    Now onto the REALLY good stuff!! You'll need your pile of paper strips, your circle punches, and the Glimmer Mist & paint. We're going to do one double page layout at a time. And remember, your book won't really look the same as mine, as your strips of paper will be a little different, but you can copy my layouts to make it easier on you!

    The cover page is super simple. I used half of the journaling tag that came in the kit, a strip of pattern paper, a KI Memories paper clip (my kit came with the tree, but each kit will contain a different shape), a Prima red flower and the Doodlebug green bling.

    For Pages One & Two you will need two pattern paper strips (cut in two for each side of the layout), a circle of a third pattern paper, and some glitter paint. Cover each page with the glitter paint. Make sure you get all the way to the edge. Let it dry. While it's drying you can cut down the long strips of paper to fit on the page. Also, cut out one of the stamped journal spots.

    Once the paint has dried, adhere the pattern strips, the journaling spot and your photo mount. I'm not adding any more embellishments at this point, because I don't want to run out before I finish the album! I embellished the entire album once I had completed the basic "bones" of each page (paper, journal spot, etc.)

    On Pages 3 & 4 I used Pearl and Jazz Blue Glimmer Mist on the background. Spray the Pearl all over the two pages, then add the Jazz Blue in the corners or along one edge as an accent colour.

    While it is drying, cut out one journaling spot and cut down 3 strips of pattern paper. I also punched 2 circles out of a different pattern paper and crumpled them up before attaching them. You can assemble the elements once the Glimmer Mist is dry.
    For the rest of the pages, I took the photos after I embellished the page, so you can embellish as I did, or let your imagination go wild!!

    On Pages 5 & 6 I used a Heidi Swapp polka dot mask to create the circle pattern. But you can use any stencil or stamp to create a similar effect. I laid the mask on the chipboard, and used some green craft paint to fill in the circles. Before it had a chance to dry, I sprayed over top with Pearl Glimmer Mist and carefully pulled off the mask. Clean off the mask, and do the same thing on the next page.
    While it's drying, cut the Little Yellow Bicycle journaling card in half (you'll only have half left, as you already used part of it on the cover). Once it has dried, adhere this tag, add a stamped journal tag, the Jenni Bowlin mini Bingo card and a strip of pattern paper.

    Pages 7 & 8 are nice and bright and very pink!! They match the Prima Popsicle flowers that were in my kit. If you got a different colour of flowers, you might want to change your paint colour to match!!

    I messily brushed on some bright pink paint, but I made sure not to cover the entire background. Next I adhered some pink and red pattern paper strips (and blue on page 8). The Popsicle flowers are further embellished with circles punched from the flocked Heidi Grace pattern paper.

    On Pages 9 & 10 I used the Glitter Paint again all over the chipboard. Then I added two strips of pattern paper, my journaling tag and a smaller 7Gypsies journal stamp.

    Pages 11 & 12 got a little doodle treatment. If you're comfortable with your doodling skills, just add a journaling spot. I used some misshapen pattern papers strips and a Jenni Bowlin mini Bingo card to create a bit of an "embellishment corner" then added my doodled frame to fill out the page. This looks complicated, but is actually super simple to can even copy a stamped design!!

    The right side of the layout got some doodled stars, and was complete!

    Pages 13 & 14 are really simple to put together. Cut down three strips of pattern paper to three different sizes (short, medium & long) and mirror their placement on each page. I punched a circle out of my blue shimmery cardstock, doodled a little frame and stuck an "ampersand" in the centre from the sticker letter set in the kit.

    For Pages 15 & 16 you get to add some shimmer to the leftovers from your Popsicle flowers with some Glimmer Mist. I used a pink Mist, sprayed the circles liberally, let them dry, sprayed them again, flattened them out and stuck them down. You'll need to use Glossy Accents to adhere the fabric flowers to the page, and I usually rest something heavy on them so they dry flat.

    Add some circles punched from the Heidi Grace flocked paper (I doodled on them, but the ink smudges so I don't recommend this!!), some strips of pattern paper and a journal spot.

    You'll need your paint and Heidi Swapp mask again for Pages 17 & 18, or some other way to make circles! I adhered my pattern paper first before applying the mask and paint, and I only did it on the right page. The bottom of the Sassafraslass paper is a cute little scalloped border that works great on this page. I added my journaling spots and some Doodlebug bling to finish off the pages.

    And instead of using Glimmer Mist to give my paint dots a little shine, I used glitter paint!!

    Pages 20 & 21 are again super simple to make. I used 2 strips of pattern paper, then cut out the words on one of the Prima sheets of pattern paper: wish, Holly Jolly and Joy. I ON that same sheet of paper, there are some pointsettias, which I punched out with my circle punch, crumpled and uncrumpled them, and stuck them in the corners.

    I always like to embellish The Back of any mini album I create. This is where I can sign my name, or write a special greeting if the album is a gift. Some words cut from the Prima and Heidi Grace papers and a 7Gypsies stamped journaling tag are all that's needed. I would avoid adding any 3D embellishments to the back because they might get worn off!

    Once you're done with all the paper, you can go back in and embellish with the goodies in your kit! I wanted to keep this album super simple, so I didn't add any extra embellishments; that is, I ONLY used what came in the kit! Feel free to add on, but I find it more fun and more challenging to just stick with a handful of flowers and bling, and not worry about going through my stash to find "the perfect" if it even exists!

    Now, all you need to do is enjoy the holidays, print off some pictures and complete your album in the New Year!

    I'll see you back here on Thursday for my regularly scheduled Techneek of the Week post. Hint: it's all about buttons this week!! And I also have another surprise (re: PRIZE) for my loyal Blog Readers!

    Love Ya!

    Thursday, December 4, 2008

    Techneek of the Week - Ransom Title

    Now, this may not seem like a technique to you, but it's a good way to shake up your scrapbooking, and try something new! Start never know where it will take you!!

    I for one always have bits and pieces leftover from my sticker letter sets that aren't enough to make my title...on their own! But when you combine letter sets, not only can you stretch your supplies, but you can create a really fun and funky layout as well!!

    You will need:

    • Three to four sets of same-coloured sticker letters - you can use leftovers from your stash

    • Your title

    • A sheet of paper, and a pen or pencil

    • Your layout ready to go, in need of a title!

    Step One: Get all of your same-coloured letter stickers together. I have five white sets: American Crafts Thickers, Heidi Swapp chipboard and Doodlebug. These aren't the same fonts or materials (there's foam, chipboard and cardstock), but that's the point! You might not even use all of these fonts, but have them all out none-the-less. We'll need them all for the next step.

    Step Two: Write your title on a sheet of scrap paper. Not only does this help you check your spelling before you get it wrong on the page - this happens to the best of us - it also helps you to make sure you have all the letters you will need BEFORE you start sticking them down and realize you're missing an "e" or something goofy!

    Step Three: Go through your title letter by letter and make sure you have each letter. That means you need to know if you have three Ds, or two Fs or whatever is in your title. Tick off each letter on your scrap paper as you find them in your sticker letters. Don't worry about taking the letters off the sheets yet, just make sure you have enough!

    Step Four: Now when I do my titles I like to start at each side of my page, or against a straight edge so I know I'm getting everything lined up. With this page I eyeballed where my title would sit, and started at each side, ready to meet up in the middle.

    Keep putting your letters down, in order (check your scrap paper if you need help spelling backwards!), choosing different fonts as you go. Remember that the whole point of this kind of title is for it to look like a ransom note would...all different fonts and sizes and letters cut from a newspaper. You can have the same font side by side, but maybe avoid three letters in a row that are the same font. This just adds to the "randomness" of the look!

    Problem... Once I got to the centre, I ran into a problem with my spacing. So I had to readjust the rest of my letters before finishing my title. A good tip: to make it easier to correct mistakes in spacing as you go, lightly stick down your letters until you're sure of their placement.

    And the finished layout...ain't it grand! This is a picture I took in a mall in San Diego of the security guard!

    Doesn't the title look cool!! You'll notice how I swapped out the first "I" in my title from what I originally had there. The sparkly one just didn't look right, and since I had only lightly tacked down my letters, it was easy to fix!

    You could also try:

    • Using the SAME font in different colours. American Crafts Thickers and Doodlebugs fonts are great for this!

    • Cutting letters from newspapers or magazines to really get a ransom look on your page! If you're concerned about acid/lignin, spray the letters with an archival mist before you attach them.

    Enjoy, and I'll see you back here next week...I've got another treat in store!